6 FAST Questions: Ask Any Estate Sale Company

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  1. How many days will the sale take?
    Blue Leaf Estate Auctions are completed and SOLD in 1 DAY! We leave your home broom clean so you can get back to your weekend FAST.
  2. How many days will it take to inventory, price and tag all of our belongings?
    In less than 1 HOUR we have everything we need to market and conduct your sale professionally. We do not bring crews of strangers into your home to pick over your personal belongings to guess how much they are worth. Everything is sold for fair market value through our professional auction services.
  3. How much will you discount our belongings on the final sale day?
    0%. We never discount your personal belongings. We work hard to convert your items into cash for a fair market value. Everything will be sold.
  4. Do you have an electronic cashiering system to track sales?
    Yes. We use the latest technologies in the auction industry to track every item sold. A full report of your sale will be provided. Our systems ensure an honest sale takes place on your behalf.
  5. How can we verify left over items are truly donated to charity?
    Our proven systems guarantee that every item will be sold. No need to worry about left over items to store or donate.
  6. As the seller are we allowed to attend the sale?
    Yes. We welcome our sellers to attend their auctions and join in the fun of recycling a lifetime of memories. We are working on your behalf