Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are important to us. Our FREE in-home consultation comes with NO obligation. NO upfront fees. NO out-of-pocket costs to you.  We’re here to help. Call us today (602) 758-0865.  If you’re an executor or family member settling an estate or you simply have a need to downsize – call us now.  We are a professional full-service estate auction company.  We eliminate the overwhelming stress of liquidating personal belongings and years of accumulation.  

  1. Why should I consider an estate auction instead of my own yard sale or eBay?
    A self-run sale is task intensive, overwhelming and often times more work and frustration than it’s worth.  Our clients choose us because we specialize in eliminating the overwhelming stress that comes with liquidating a house or office full from years and decades of accumulation.
  2. Why are estate auctions better than a traditional estate sale?
    A traditional estate sale or tag sale is like turning your personal residence into a retail store for an entire weekend.  Every item is tagged with a price established by a “guess-timate”.  Savvy buyers know that bargains at tag sales don’t happen until the final day of sales when deep discounts and $1 day sales take place.  Sellers lose and buyers win.  An estate auction allows pricing to be established through a fair market value.  Fair market value can often times exceed a sellers expectation.  There is no discounting, no price haggling, no negotiations.  The best part is we don’t need days or a week to stage your home. Estate auctions allow sellers and buyers to win.  Sellers get paid faster.  Estate auctions work. Better. Faster. Easier.
  3. Why do people sell at auctions?
    Sellers choose the auction method of selling because, through competition among bidders, the items sell at or above current market value. There would be no reason for people to sell at auction if their items always sold for rock bottom price.
  4. Are sellers allowed to attend the estate sale auction?
    Yes. We welcome our sellers at our auctions to enjoy the show.  However, Sellers are not allowed to interrupt the Auctioneer or staff during auction hours.  Sellers are not allowed to participate in the bidding process.
  5. How much does it cost?
    There are no out of pocket costs to our sellers.  Blue Leaf Estate Auctions offer competitive industry flat commission of the gross sale.
  6. How is money collected during the sale?
    We use an industry specific cashiering system that tracks every bid and every sale down to the penny.  We do not use hand written receipts or excel spreadsheets that are error prone.  Our system ensures that only an honest sale takes place.  A sample of our cashiering report is available during your free consultation.
  7. How soon does the seller get paid?
    Our sellers are paid in full within 5-7 business days.
  8. Should I sort items or clean the home?
    You do not need to overwhelm yourself to clean.  Our buyers have the ability to see the potential in things just the way they are.  Some prefer old and dirty so they can fix it up in their own creative ways.  We do ask that you remove all trash, clean floors, toilet and sinks.
  9. How far in advance should I plan for an estate sale auction?
    We accept advanced booked sales and last minute sales.  Our buyers shop seven days a week.  Not just weekends.  Our weekends typically book up quickly, as soon as you think you’d like to consider the ease of using an outside service to operate your sale – call us.  
  10. How large of an estate did we need?
    Estates come in all sorts of sizes and conditions.  Let us help you determine if an estate auction is the right fit for your needs.  If we can’t help we will be happy to refer you to a business we believe can.  We only recommend professional and reputable businesses.